Wednesday, August 31, 2005

My letter to the Editor of the West Valley View

Once again George W. Bush has proven that he simply does not get it. The day after the largest hurricane hit the US he ran away from Crawford, D.C. and came to a rally in Arizona, after which he went off to San Diego and the next day was there for yet another photo opportunity with an “invite only” crowd.

It was then, “only” two days after Katrina hit New Orleans, that he decided that perhaps cutting short a five week vacation by a couple of days might be a good idea. His reasoning was so that he can oversee the evacuations, repairs and recovery of New Orleans. My suspicion is that it’s more that middle aged woman who is still at roadside in Crawford, D.C. waiting for a reply as to what the “noble cause” is, that he doesn’t want to go back to the ranch.

To be fair to George W. he did much the same when the tsunami hit a while back. It took him a few days to figure out then that something ought to be said and done. So this delayed reaction was not unexpected. I am also fairly sure that on the forefront of his thoughts are the devastated oilrigs that are not outputting to capacity and the refineries that aren’t making crude into gasoline, which is nearing record high prices. This of course all will add to the already record high profits suffered by the gasoline companies. What conflicts must be playing in that brain of his.

I also can only speculate how this will help fuel the debate on the much needed ability to drill in the “none hurricane climate” of Anwar. I only wish that we could combine and move the 2006 and the 2008 elections to THIS November.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

George W.

Just read that George W. is going back to the White House, two whole days early before his FIVE WEEK vacation ends. He is going to monitor Hurricane Katrina from there. One has to wonder what he will do for the oil industry as the wells in and around Lousiana got hit. That seems to be his greatest concern. Way to go George, always knew you cared.
Jim Walsh

Found mail in my mailbox about Jim Walsh who I went to school with from 5th grade to 9th grade. I left in the 10th from Pace Academy where were were schoolmates. Seems Jim has been a tad busy. He runs the Atom Project as well as he is an expert on weapons of mass destruction and societal ongoings over there in the Middle East. Sure makes me look back at the last 15+ years of what I haven't done. His Ph.D from MIT is also not bad an accomplishment. Way to go Jim!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday night, tomorrow George W. comes to town. Good thing he is landing at Luke, the opposite direction of where I am going. Last time he was here he screwed up the traffic to Mesa, as well as at Mesa. Although it would be cool to see Air Force One land, I'll pass.

I watched Brent Musberger today as he was commentating? calling? the Little League World Series. I think its time Brent hung it up, what a moron. He talked about this 12 year old's physic and that he had a hell of a future in football. He sees this at 12?? Brent, you need a break buddy. The good news in all of this is that Hawaii (the US team) cameand won the game in the 7th inning. In Little League that's Exrta Innings!

And my ass of the day goes to Ryan Briscoe who took out Danicka Patrick in this weeekend's race. Hey asshole, there was NO ROOM for your car in that turn. The fact that ypu took out Helio Castroneves is off no concern to me. That asshole and the enitre Penske racign team should be ashmed of itself, but I've given up hope on them. The FACT IS that you ran my driver off the road and took her out. Save your fancy drivin' for someone else bucko! She shoulda come up to you and belted ya one. Too bad Bobby Rahal has no guts, he shoulda done something.

From the quotes: Patrick said it was "a foolish move. Helio shouldn't have taken the brunt of that and, for that matter, I shouldn't have either." Briscoe, who won his first career pole on Saturday, called it "a pretty big mess." "I just got on the brakes a bit late, it looks like," he said. "Had to go on the dirt, and once I got there, there was no stopping the car."

BIG MESS MY ASS! You were an idiot, and that's why you get today's ASS AWARD!
Yet another weekend. As of late the DBacks have plain sucked. I was there the other day (Wed) to see them loose 18-4. You gotta really play bad. The highlight was Sean Green hitting #300. I heard later that the person who caught it would not give it up. What an asshole.